Prices and shipping costs

The prices stated on the product pages include VAT and other price components.

In addition to the prices quoted, we charge the following prices per order for the delivery:




Euro I

Euro II
+ Switzerland

Euro III

Euro IV

4,90 EUR

6,90 EUR

10,75 EUR *

12,42 EUR *

15,75 EUR *

18,25 EUR *


* excluding national VAT of the Euro I until Euro IV countries


Euro I       

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland

Euro II       

Denmark, Italy, South Tyrol

Euro III      

France, Great Britain, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Euro IV      

Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania


Bank data

Account OwnerHemma Metzler e.U.
IBANAT14 3740 6000 0241 0314
Bank detailsRaiba Bezau-Bizau-Mellau
Zweigstelle Bizau
6874 Bizau


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