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About us

Wood has not been our focus since the days of the online shop and digital sales. As a woodworking company in the Bregenzerwald (Vorarlberg, Austria), wood products for various purposes have been produced in our family business for generations. And because we developed our products as well as our products, we began producing wooden toys more than 10 years ago. Over the years, a comprehensive range of high-quality toys made of solid wood, which was well received throughout Europe. Handmade, aesthetically pleasing and non-toxic should all be our wooden toys - that has always been our credo and still is.

Online is one way to get to know our high quality products, a real selling experience in our toy store is the other option. Since April 2016, we welcome customers who want to share our sustainable thinking in the gaming world in our shop in Bezau (Bahnhof 148, 6870 Bezau, Austria). Our range is complemented both online and offline with products from manufacturers who share our vision for the future generation and incorporate the natural material of wood into the game world. Meanwhile, our products are manufactured in "sheltered workshops" by people with special needs. We have now outsourced the production of toy toys to local businesses, which also incorporate social sustainability into our products. An example of this is the "Training Center Hohenems", in which trained carpenters, together with young people without access to an apprenticeship, lovingly handcraft our wooden toys.

Nice that you are interested in our sustainable toys!

Hemma Metzler and her team